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What's a great guitar without an amp to plug into?

The selection of amps today is bigger than ever -- solid state, tube, hybrid, combos, stacks. Which is best for you? What's the difference between them?

We're here to help you find the right amp with the right tone at the right price. From bedroom to stage, we have what you need.

Hey, we can't forget the bass players. We handle some of the best dedicated lines for you, including Gallien-Krueger, Ashdown, Hartke and Genz-Benz. Add to these the fabulous offerings from Traynor and Marshall and you have fabulous features, great prices every day.

The rest of the world already knows but North America is just picking up on the unreal quality and sound of the Mark Bass line. We were one of the first stores in Canada to handle it. The Mark Bass amplification is true cool... powerhouse boutique amplification direct from Italy.

Want to find out more about our great selection of amps? Drop in, call, or email us at fuzztonemusic@sasktel.net.